Sean Hannity tonight discussed Iranian nuclear weapons negotiations with foreign policy expert Ambassador Nancy Soderberg and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas).

Hannity first pressed Soderberg on Iran and a sunset provision included in nuclear weapons negotiations with the U.S.

“Why would we ever do a deal with the Iranians that allows them to get nuclear weapons when they’re state sponsors of terror who have threatened repeatedly to wipe our friend and ally [Israel] off the map? Why would we ever do that?” Hannity asked.

Soderberg said that the administration is trying to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon through negotiations, but has not taken force off the table.

Hannity then asked Gohmert: is there a risk of a modern day Holocaust if the deal allows Iranians to enrich uranium with a delivery system?

“It’s more than a risk, it’s a substantial risk,” Gohmert said.

Gohmert told Hannity, “I can’t imagine anybody not coming to hear Netanyahu speak tomorrow out of respect for the position. Heck, I come to the State of the Union, you came to the State of the Union. We didn’t come because we want to really engage and love what the president’s going to read to us. No. We come out of respect for the office. And that’s what the Democrats ought to be doing tomorrow.”

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