Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman spoke to Martha MacCallum on "America's Newsroom" today about the potential deal between Iran and the U.S. on the Iranian nuclear program and what that could mean for Israel.

Gillerman said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to the U.S. could have been handled better by both sides. He asserted that the decision by the Obama administration to skip Netanyahu's speech due to a breach in protocol is "totally out of proportion."

Gillerman said that Netanyahu is speaking to Congress because he fears that the proposed deal with Iran is a bad deal that could endanger Israel, the U.S. and civilization as we know it.

"Even if there was a breach of protocol, they have to understand for Israel, this is not about protocol. This is about life and death," Gillerman said.

He added that he hopes Netanyahu's speech is a wake up call not just on The Hill, but in the White House.

"Iran is the main harborer and financier of terror in the world," Gillerman stated. "That's the country we are dealing with. It is a country that has pledged to wipe Israel off the face of the map."

"I just wish that the president of the United States would show more empathy, more understanding to the situation which Israel finds itself in at the moment. And rather than snub the prime minister, welcome him, encourage him and talk to him, in order to together prevent this evil regime from becoming nuclear and threatening civilization as we know it."

Watch the full interview above.