The owner of a Chicago bar/restaurant said this morning that customers are embracing its new "no phones" policy.

Harry's Velvet Room has started advertising to customers that they should silence their phones and go outside if they want to use it. 

Owner Dion Antic explained recently that he has seen tables full of girls where all of them are on their phones. 

Antic said patrons are loving the new rules so far, but emphasized that it's not a "ban" on phones inside the restaurant. 

"We're just discouraging it. We want you there to enjoy Harry's Velvet Room and not be preoccupied with your phone," said Antic, adding that a patron might be asked to go outside if they're disturbing others by talking loudly or taking pictures.

"You're there to be social with your friends, your date or whoever. You need to pay attention to them a little bit more than what's on your phone or what you're posting."

He said it's frustrating for a server to see a guest preoccupied with their cell phone instead of figuring out what they want to order.

Watch the full interview above and let us know your thoughts: should more restaurants do this?