On "Media Buzz" today, Howard Kurtz and his guests reacted to the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which included a hefty amount of press-bashing.

Mary Katharine Ham said a candidate professing his dislike for the media has become "a part of the primary process." She added that right-wing candidates have a legitimate reason to complain about their treatment in the press.

Kirsten Powers agreed that, "There is a real bias that we've seen against Republicans in the media. And I think it's gotten worse."

Ron Fournier asserted that to some degree the media deserves to be slapped around a bit at conservative events.

"The folks who try to be in the middle, the folks who aren't working for a partisan outlet, if you look at those groups of reporters, we do tend to skew to the left," Fournier said. "And sometimes we're not very good about both being accurate, being accountable and being objective."

As for specific candidates at CPAC, they agreed that it was important for candidates like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie to face some of the tough questions, even if the event wasn't necessarily "their crowd."

Kurtz mentioned Donald Trump, who has been flirting with a presidential run dating back to 1999. Trump has said that he's more serious this year and has even hired political staff.

"He may be more serious, but he's not a serious man," Fournier said. "If he runs for president, he's not going to be president. He's a carnival barker. We shouldn't take him very seriously ... He's not a serious presidential candidate."

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