A new study suggests that smoking marijuana is 114 times less harmful than drinking alcohol.

Researchers say in terms of mortality, marijuana is low-risk and alcohol is high-risk.

Chairman of the Department of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital Dr. David Samadi weighed in on the results of the study on "America's News Headquarters."

Dr. Samadi said it's a very deceiving and flawed study, explaining that the researchers studied lethal doses of marijuana, alcohol, heroin and cocaine. They determined that alcohol could kill a person faster than pot, but as Dr. Samadi explained, that's bad logic.

Dr. Samadi said that medical marijuana use is bad all-around and can be very dangerous, noting the effects on the brain can include inhibited cognitive skills, memory loss, psychosis, not to mention a five-fold increase in heart attacks for people who smoke pot for an extended period of time.

He added that pregnant women smoking weed in Colorado has led to many issues in their children, such as ADD.

"It's just not a safe drug over a long period," Dr. Samadi said. "Yes, short-term, heroin and alcohol are much worse than this, but also jumping from the building could be worse than alcohol. Does it make alcohol safer? Bad logic. It's just all-around bad."

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