750,000. That's the number of guests Greg Gutfeld estimated he's introduced during his eight years of hosting "Red Eye."

During Gutfeld's final show last night, he paid tribute to one of the greatest of those many, many guests: "Interplanetary correspondent" Oderus Urungus - A.K.A. Dave Brockie from the band Gwar.

Do you have any styling tips for other low-level celebrities like myself? Gutfeld asked.

"Set fire to your face and let the fire department put it out with an ax."


You hate Earth, don't you?

"I despise it, but I love it at the same time. Earth is the only place in the galaxy that has crack."


Do you think it's true there are no good band names left?

"Absolutely not. There's Liquor Biscuit, Chuck Nugget, Igor Wheelie and the Pie Boys."


"They were afraid to let me come to New York this time. They were afraid you girls would just fall in love with me."


"Greg, do you think my face looks a little shiny tonight? Makeup!"


"Of course, Dave passed away last year," Gutfeld said. "But in my mind, he'll always be one of the best guests "Red Eye" has ever had."

Watch the hilarious clip of some of Oderus' best "Red Eye" moments above.