On "Cashin' In" today, Eric Bolling said the president who promised to "fundamentally transform America" has been busy fulfilling that promise.

Bolling called out President Obama for helping out "too big to fail" banks and car companies, while he now blatantly threatens to bankrupt coal companies.

"He picked his winners and losers. The free market was no longer free," Bolling said, adding that Obama strong-armed his health care bill through with backroom dealings.

"Next up, President Obama took the laws of immigration and shredded them to suit his liberal friends. Forget what we the people had to say," Bolling stated. "It doesn't really seem to matter anymore."

Bolling added that net neutrality is giving big government control over the Internet, and he then turned his attention to what he said could be "the most dangerous of all" of Obama's plans.

Bolling explained that the administration trying to bypass Congress to ban certain types of ammunition.

"Remember, 'ban the ammo' is a sneaky way to ban the gun," Bolling said, adding that our most important rights under the First Amendment are protected by our Second Amendment rights.

"If the president is able to take over our Second Amendment the way he took over the free market, health care, immigration and the Internet, we will be administering the last rights to our first rights: free speech, religion and liberty," Bolling asserted.

"The fabric of America is being shredded, but it has to stop at the Second Amendment. It has to. It's up to us to demand they keep their hands off our guns, or we risk it all."

Watch Bolling's full "Wake Up, America" segment in the clip above.