Greg Gutfeld said goodbye to “Red Eye” tonight after eight years hosting the late-night Fox News show, calling the exit "sad for you, awesome for me."

“It was nearly a decade ago that Fox News took a chance and gave me – a gorgeous freak – a show called ‘Red Eye,’” he recalled.

Gutfeld said that the show, which aired for the first time eight years ago, “should have been canceled seven years and nine months ago,” wondering what Fox News was thinking when they hired “a right-wing wino, fixated on unicorns and troubled male flight attendants.”

Gutfeld recalled how John Moody said, “Here’s a show, pick your staff,” calling the move genius, nuts or both. He said he’d never forget – or understand – why Roger Ailes trusted him.

“I owe him everything,” he said.

The fans are what have really kept the show going for nearly a decade, Gutfeld said.

“I’ve said it before – loving ‘Red Eye’ is a three-step process: there’s revulsion, confusion and then, of course, obsession,” he said.

Gutfeld will continue to co-host “The Five” and will develop a new weekend show for Fox News Channel. “Red Eye” will air with rotating guest hosts during a transition period. 

Watch Gutfeld’s “Red Eye” goodbye above.