A shocking photo appears to show the moment a Texas mother pulled out a gun and pointed it at a high school student. 

Viridiana Alvarez, 33, drew the weapon on a girl who was fighting her daughter in a park near Pasadena High School.

Police arrested Alvarez for aggravated assault. She reportedly claimed that the gun was not loaded and only meant to scare the student. 

No one was seriously injured in the scuffle, which was recorded by students on their cell phones. 

Geraldo Rivera discussed the disturbing scene this morning on "Fox and Friends" (video above), saying there are "far too many creepy, untrained people with deadly weapons in their possession legally."

He acknowledged, however, that it's a "gun control argument that I can never win."

Rivera said he understands a parent's instinct to want to protect their child, but said Alvarez was "reckless and irresponsible."

Rivera and Kilmeade also lamented the fact that the other students at the park watched and took video instead of intervening.

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