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Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) took center stage at CPAC this morning, criticizing the Obama administration for its handling of ISIS and illegal immigration.

In an animated address (watch below), Perry lambasted the president for his refusal to acknowledge that ISIS is a "religious movement."

"If Egypt and Jordan recognize that they are at war with radical Islam, isn't it about time our president proclaimed the same?"

And he drew a big ovation with this line. 

“We had a Civil War, two World Wars, we survived a depression. We even survived Jimmy Carter. We will survive the Obama years too!” said Perry.

Rubio drew applause by admitting that he learned a lesson from conservative voters after he helped draft an immigration bill. 

Rubio said that until it's proven to Americans that "future illegal immigration is brought under control," lawmakers should not even begin discussing what to do about the illegal immigrants already here. 

He said Republicans need to continue in their efforts to block President Obama's executive actions on immigration. 

“If you lose that constitutional check and balance on power, you lose the essence of what makes our nation different from others,” he said. “It’s not a policy debate, this is a constitutional debate.”

Watch Rubio and Perry as they join Sean Hannity, tonight at 10p/1a ET on Fox News. And watch a live stream of CPAC above.

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