The uncle of an Arizona store clerk who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant took to Capitol Hill this week to protest the Obama administration's immigration policies.

The family of Grant Ronnebeck is demanding answers after 29-year-old Apolinar Altamirano was released on bond two years ago by federal authorities following a burglary charge, instead of being deported.

Police say that Altamirano shot and killed Ronnebeck, 21, at a Mesa, Arizona convenience store last month. 

Michael Ronnebeck, the victim's uncle, gave powerful testimony on Capitol Hill Wednesday stating that his nephew's death could have been prevented. 

"I believe there is simply no excuse for ICE to be releasing individuals like this back onto our streets to endanger and kill hard working Americans," Michael Ronnebeck said. "ICE should be doing its job for the American people with the American people's safety and security first and foremost in mind."

This morning on "Fox and Friends" Judy Ronnebeck, the victim's aunt, told Elisabeth Hasselbeck that the family had to find out about the hearing on the internet, instead of being properly notified. 

"It was very frustrating and aggravating," Judy Ronnebeck said. "Of course in this day in age, everybody stays in contact with everybody else by social media. In the days immediately following Grant's murder, we were searching the news and anything we could find on the internet for any type of update or any type of news...Mike just happened to find this by digging."

Judy Ronnebeck said her nephew's murder could have been avoided. 

"Why wasn't he deported?" Judy Ronnebeck she asked. "That's the biggest question. Why was this man still in the country? Why had he not been deported?"

Watch the full interview above.