UPDATE, 10:08p ET: The House has approved a stopgap bill to keep money flowing to the Homeland Security Department past a midnight deadline and avert a partial agency shutdown -- but Congress is no closer to a long-term deal.

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Charles Krauthammer tonight sounded off on the news that the House has struck down a bill to keep funds flowing to the Department of Homeland Security past midnight.

The House voted 224 to 203 against a three-week extension of DHS funding, bringing the government closer to a possible partial shutdown of the agency.

Now, House leadership is scrambling for a “plan B,” like a seven-day funding extension or a plan to keep DHS funded through September.

Krauthammer called the funding fight “a disaster.”

“If you cannot execute a surrender, well then you’re in real trouble. And if you can’t execute a surrender when you control both houses, you really oughta think of a different line of work. The Republicans lost on this,” he said.

The DHS ordeal will be blamed on Republicans, Krauthammer said.

“The Democrats have already won the PR campaign,” he remarked.

He advised Republicans to “give it up and move on.”

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