Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush faced some questions from Sean Hannity at CPAC today about immigration, ISIS and more.

Bush took criticism from conservatives last year when he said illegal immigrants cross the border as an "an act of love."

Today, Bush drew mostly applause when he said "there is no plan to deport 11 million people."

He said Republicans need to focus on giving those who are here "a path to legal status where they work, where they don't receive government benefits, where they don't break the law, where they learn English and where they make a contribution to our society."

Bush charged President Barack Obama with overreaching on amnesty, and he said he believes the courts will rule against that.

Bush said there's "nothing wrong with" Republicans putting in place a comprehensive plan to secure the border.

"Let's control the border. There's nothing wrong with that. That's what a great nation has to do," he said, adding that the "simple fact is that this nation needs to start growing at a far faster rate than we're growing today."

He was then asked about the fight in Congress over funding for the Department of Homeland Security, which stems from Republican opposition to Obama's actions on immigration.

"Congress ought to pass a bill that does not allow him to use that authority. I'm not an expert on the ways of Washington [but] it makes no sense to me that we're not funding control of our border, which is the whole argument," he said.

Bush said that last year's flood of illegal immigrants from Central America could have been lessened if the Obama administration had consistently cautioned people not to risk their lives crossing the border illegally.

"We did that in Miami. That's exactly what Bush 41 did as it related to Haitians and it stopped the flow of people, and people didn't lose their lives trying to come to this country," Bush said.

Bush told Hannity that Republicans can attract younger voters and the Latino demographic by sharing their enthusiasm and love for their country.

“There are a lot of committed conservatives in this room, and this is why it’s such a spectacular gathering,” Bush said of CPAC. “There are a lot of other conservatives that haven’t been asked. They don’t know that they’re conservative.”

Bush said that Republicans “need to start being for things.” He said Republicans should stand for a strong national defense, and the GOP should offer compelling alternatives to failed tax policies, failed regulation policies and a broken education system.

“So it’s good to oppose the bad things, but we need to start being for things,” he said.

The former Florida governor said the government must focus on “growing the economic pie” in a way that resembles the ‘80s in America.

He also sounded off on the fight against ISIS, telling Hannity that he likes the idea of not putting boots on the ground “so that we could have the intelligence capabilities and the special forces capabilities to make a difference.”

Watch part of the interview above, and see more from the interview below.

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