Mike Tobin reported the latest details this morning on "America's Newsroom" after a mass murder in southern Missouri. 

Police say eight people are dead from gunshots, including the gunman, with a ninth person having died of natural causes at one of the residences.

The initial call came in to authorities at about 10pm local time Thursday when a juvenile female called 911 from a neighbor's house. The girl heard shots fired in her house and ran to the neighbor's house. 

Tobin said two people were found dead at the first residence, and then police found three additional crime scenes in and around Tyrone, Missouri, with five more victims at those locations. 

One person was wounded and taken to a hospital. Some reports indicate an elderly woman died of a heart attack at one of the locations. 

The shooter, identified as a 36-year-old male, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot in a neighboring county in a vehicle.

He said the motive or the connection between the crime scenes is unclear at this point.

UPDATE, 10a ET: Police held a news conference moments ago about the shootings, saying there are crime scenes at five residences and a sixth where the suspect was found dead.

Sgt. Jeff Kinder confirmed there were eight gunshot fatalities, including the gunman. The ninth fatality was the woman who died of natural causes.

Kinder said he expects they will officially release the name of the gunman later today.

Stay tuned to Fox News for updates.