Harris Faulkner brought us an in-depth interview this morning on "Fox and Friends" with actor Wendell Pierce, who helped rebuild his childhood neighborhood in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  

The former star of HBO dramas "The Wire" and "Treme"that it was devastating seeing the neighborhood of Pontchartrain Park destroyed.

"Driving to Pontchartrain Park was like what I think Chernobyl looks like," Pierce remarked. "Empty and abandoned and then all the buildings destroyed."

The actor said that his neighborhood was under 20 feet of water for roughly three months.

"I just knew how much people had put into building their lives back here in the first place, to have part of the American dream totally destroyed," he said.  

He said that his father broke down in tears when they returned to their family home to see that it was completely destroyed. He then became committed to getting his parents back in a new home on their property.

Two years later, he accomplished that goal. But he was inspired to rebuild the rest of the community.  

"Our goal is to build 150 homes and right now we're at 40," he said. "We're still moving forward, it's brick by brick, house by house, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood. We're coming back."

"My connection to New Orleans is, it's in my DNA and that's why I work so hard to make sure it comes back," Pierce said.

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