A Syrian Christian who escaped persecution a couple of years ago now fears that friends in Syria have been kidnapped by ISIS.

Hadeel Kouky, who says she was jailed under the Assad regime, was on “The Kelly File” tonight to discuss the suffering of Christians in the region.

Kouky said her friends and neighbors, many of them women, have been kidnapped by ISIS. The terror group may sexually enslave women, kill their kids, and behead men, Kouky said.

She explained that thousands of Christians have had to flee their villages, leaving behind everything. They are “almost homeless” and lack food, support and shelter, Kouky said.

Kouky called on the U.S. to directly support the Kurds, who she said are the only ones standing on the front lines of the terror fight.

“They’re becoming more powerful," she said of ISIS. "We can see them everywhere now. We saw them in France, we saw them in Germany, and we might see them – God forbid – in Arizona and Texas and anywhere.”

Watch the interview above.