Two escaped llamas sparked a high-speed chase in Sun City, Ariz., this afternoon.

Police and residents alike swarmed the black and white llamas in an attempt to capture the two outlaws, who ran through the streets from their attempted captors.

The llama drama came to an end after the partners-in-crime were lassoed and caught.

Shepard Smith captured every moment of the suspenseful chase, keeping his audience updated on air and on Twitter:

Watch video of the ordeal above. See photos of the dramatic pursuit below.

A man leapt to catch the black llama, but was no match for the four-legged fugitive's speed.

The black llama again evaded two ambitious attempted captors.

The partners-in-crime were surrounded, but the pursuit wasn't over just yet.

The agile outlaws ran through the crowd without being caught.

Finally, the black llama was lassoed and captured.

The white llama met the same fate shortly thereafter.