Shoppers at the Mall of America are walking around like "unarmed sheep" thanks to the massive shopping center's gun ban, a Minnesota lawmaker warned on "Fox and Friends" this morning.

State Rep. Tony Cornish (R), who spent 32 years in law enforcement and 13 years in the National Guard, has spoken out in recent days after the terror group al-Shabaab released a video calling for the mall to be attacked.

Cornish, who chairs the House Public Safety Committee, thinks that the mall has wrongly interpreted the conceal-and-carry law and is challenging them to change it.

He argued that the first thing terrorists or criminals look for is for a target where people cannot fight back. 

The mall displays bright pink signs telling shoppers that there are no guns allowed on the premises.

"By disarming everybody, they're telling the terrorists or a would-be robber that this is a gun-free zone and these are a bunch of unarmed sheep," Cornish argues.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck pointed to a 2012 incident in Oregon in which a legal gun owner confronted an attacker who then committed suicide. 

Cornish said he believes the average shopper would feel better knowing law-abiding Americans can fight back, rather than a terrorist being the only one with a weapon. 

"I don't see the downside. They're always taking about crossfire and somebody getting hurt and the Wild West. That's hypocrisy. People should be allowed to defend themselves. What's the alternative? Sit there and watch somebody open up with an AK and maim and injure dozens of people?" he asked.

Watch the full interview below.