Charles Krauthammer tonight outlined a plan to fight ISIS, calling for a serious air campaign and urging the U.S. to directly arm the Kurds.

Krauthammer said it’s “entirely incomprehensible” that the U.S. isn't directly supplying the Kurds with weapons.

Bill O’Reilly told Krauthammer that the Turks don’t want the U.S. to arm the Kurds because of Kurdish rebellions in part of Turkey.

“Why are we acquiescing to the wishes of the Turks, who haven’t lifted a finger to help us against ISIS?” Krauthammer asked. “They give us nothing! They sit on the hilltop outside of Kobani, and they watch as our allies are being massacred.”

Krauthammer advised that the U.S. run a robust air campaign against ISIS, calling the current efforts an “unserious campaign.”

“We should be running a campaign where nobody in ISIS lifts his head out of a foxhole without expecting it to be blown off […] by aircraft from the allies,” he said.

Krauthammer said that President Barack Obama’s strategy seems to be to keep the status quo and hand the ISIS problem off to his successor.