Greg Gutfeld tonight discussed the revelation that “Jihadi John” is from a well-to-do family and graduated with a computer degree.

He asked tonight: why do the normal turn evil?

“ISIS offers thrills: you, charging across a desert, gun in hand, full of zeal and certainty, facing infidels, plundering homes. When death is a step to nirvana, what’s the downside?” Gutfeld asked.

Gutfeld explained that the issue is America’s counteroffer.

“It’s hard to champion a free society when our own leaders find it gross. Heartfelt patriotism, the belief that this place is worth dying for, is now seen as silly – an option for the ignorant,” Gutfeld said. “Our military now fights propaganda from the cynical country it defends.”

“’Be all you can be’ used to be a rallying cry for the Army,” Gutfeld said. “Now, it’s American Idol.”

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