How hard is it to get a gun permit in Washington D.C.?

Well it's not impossible, but it is extremely difficult, as only 16 of 76 applications have been approved in recent months.

WTTG reporter Emily Miller, author of Emily Gets Her Gun, was one of the lucky ones, applying for a permit after a federal judge ruled last year that the city's ban on guns outside the home was unconstitutional. 

She discussed the elaborate, months-long process this morning on "Fox and Friends." 

Miller said she started the process with "little hope" of success, as a police officer immediately cautioned her that she was unlikely to be approved. 

She said the concealed-carry application calls for a person to prove they face some sort of special danger. 

So Miller included two police reports about threats against her and an FBI warning about a terror group threatening journalists.

Then, she submitted the application along with a non-refundable $75 at the end of October. 

Finally this month, Miller received preliminary approval and now must undergo 18 hours of gun safety training to receive her final permit. 

"A year ago no one could legally carry a gun in D.C. Today, there are 16 of us who can exercise our Second Amendment right to bear arms," she said.

Miller said the purpose of her report was to show how the city is complying with the court's decision. 

She also noted that it seems like the city council is making it as difficult as possible for a person to obtain the permit, since they believe law abiding citizens with guns present a danger.

"I guess because the hurdle is so high, people just aren't going through it."

Watch the interview above and more about Miller's application in her report below.