In advance of his big speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), potential 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke with Martha MacCallum in an exclusive "Kelly File" interview.

"This is a group that's dominated by young people, and I'll say what I always say, 'The government ought to leave us alone. Let us be free to live our lives. The government ought to be minimal, and your liberty ought to be maximized.'"

Paul - who has won the CPAC straw poll two years in a row - said that he's confident his message will resonate at the conference.

As for Jeb Bush, Paul said that he believes that young voters aren't very tolerant of hypocrisy, noting that Bush admitted to smoking marijuana in prep school, but is still willing to jail people for using medical marijuana.

"It's not wealth. I'm all for wealth, and I have no problem with people being successful," Paul said. "What I'm talking about is not the hypocrisy of wealth, it's the hypocrisy of evading the law, because the law seems to target and seems to go after poor people, often people of color."

"What's hypocritical is if you're very wealthy and you're able to escape the long arm of the law is then to really want to throw the long sentences ... at people. So that's where I think the hypocrisy comes in."

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