Newly-released footage shows the moments after a former NFL player miraculously survived a 16-hour swim to shore, braving sharks, jellyfish and hypothermia.

Former Miami Dolphins player Rob Konrad was on his 36-foot recreational boat fishing alone last month when he fell off while trying to reel in a large fish.

He wasn't wearing a life vest at the time and he said the boat was already traveling on autopilot to the Bahamas.  

In the dash cam video, Konrad can be heard telling a Florida police officer that he was about "10 miles out when he fell off."

He also told the officer that he started swimming around 1 p.m. to make it to shore. Konrad then asked what time it was and the officer told him it was almost 5 in the morning.

The former fullback was stung by jellyfish and circled by a shark during the swim.

Skeptics quickly questioned the improbable story, accusing Konrad of making it up. But Konrad said at a press conference last month that he "simply prayed to God" after falling from the boat. 

"Five or six hours in I realized, 'Maybe I can do this,'" Konrad said of his 16-hour swim. 

Watch the dash camera video below to see the moments after Konrad arrived to shore.