The horrific moment a natural gas explosion ripped through a New Jersey home was captured on dash camera video yesterday. 

At least 15 people were injured in the explosion, including emergency crews who were trying to fix the gas leak in Stafford Township, New Jersey.  

Julie Banderas reported on "America's Newsroom" that the home was under construction and wasn't occupied at the time. 

"According to police, the officer was apparently returning to his car when the explosion happened," Banderas said. "He pushed the record button [not] knowing [what] the recorder would capture." 

One neighbor said that he thought "a tractor trailer hit the porch, that's how much the house shook."

"It happened so quickly, the explosion, we had debris all around us coming from nowhere," Chief Jack Johnson of the Stafford Township volunteer fire department said.

Fox News reported:

Johnson was one of six firefighters and two emergency medical service technicians to sustain concussion-like injuries. All but one had been treated and released from hospitals by Tuesday evening. Seven gas company workers also were injured, including two critically who were within 20 feet of the house when it blew up.

Houses on either side were badly damaged, as was a partially built one across the street. Stafford Police Capt. Tom Dellane said other homes located within several blocks of the blast also were damaged.

"It looks like a war area," said Max Von Ness, a plowing contractor who was nearby when the explosion occurred. "It's just destruction. There's debris all over the place."

Banderas said that New Jersey natural gas crews are going around the neighborhood today to restore service.