A disturbing new poll found that 27 percent of Muslim adults in the United Kingdom sympathize with the terrorists who carried out the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.

11 percent said that organizations that publish images of the Prophet Mohammed deserve to be attacked.

Nile Gardiner, Director of The Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom,  joined Greta Van Susteren "On The Record" tonight to react to these alarming numbers.

"This illustrates the sheer scale of the problem that you're facing in Britain," Gardiner said, noting it's not just the 1,500 people who have left the U.K. to fight with ISIS, it's hundreds of thousands of Muslims who sympathize with Islamist terrorism.

"London is actually known as 'London-istan' at the moment because of the large number of Islamist radicals," Gardiner said. "We need to have real, concerted action to stop this kind of extremism."

He added that it's a frightening issue for Britain, the whole of Europe and the United States.

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