A textbook used for an "activism" class at the University of Michigan is causing a controversy for trashing capitalism. 

The "Organizational Studies 203: Activism" class reportedly uses a textbook that advocates for the overthrowing of the "morally perverse" American system of capitalism, the Washington Times reported. 

“Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution,” has been assigned as mandatory reading for the class, which promises to teach students about the “struggles of movements past, as well as hands-on engagement with the struggles of today.”

The College Fix reported:

The course is unbiased on paper, with its description stating “neither this course, nor its instructional staff, embraces or rejects any ideology, movement, or political project. We will not preach social change from any particular point of view.”

But the book blames the “global slump we are living through” on capitalism, adding it “is the predictable manifestation of a crisis-prone economic system rooted in production for profit rather than for human need. … [F]or the sake of human development and ecological sanity it needs to be overthrown.”

It describes capitalism as morally perverse, and defines it as “a profit-driven economic system rooted in inequality, exploitation, dispossession and environmental destruction.”

The course’s claim to nonpartisanship rings hollow to at least one student in the class, who said it does not present both sides of the argument.

“It’s completely biased, and they make no effort to even disguise the fact,” the student told The College Fix. The student asked to remain anonymous over fear of retribution.

“It makes no effort to be balanced,” the student said.