Charles Krauthammer weighed in tonight on "Special Report" about the Obama administration's negotiations with Iran over the country's nuclear program.

Krauthammer said that new details leaking out reveal that the potential agreement would be time-limited. He explained that would mean in 10 years Iran can essentially become a legitimate nuclear power, which would be "catastrophic."

Krauthammer pointed out that the proposed agreement would state that Iran can't have a nuclear missile, but it would still allow uranium enrichment, a new generation of centrifuges and the development of ballistic missiles.

"It doesn't do anything about the actual development of a warhead that would go on a weapon that will attack either Israel or Europe or the United States," he said. "And the worst element is, it's going to end in time, at which point Iran will be a legitimate nuclear power."

"It is an unbelievably bad deal ... unbelievable that America would be agreeing to such a bargain."

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