UPDATE 10:45 PM: A Texas jury has found Eddie Ray Routh guilty of capital murder in the 2013 shooting deaths of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield.

A Texas jury has begun deliberations in the capital murder trial of former Marine Eddie Ray Routh in the fatal shooting of "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield.

Casey Stegall reported from the courthouse in Stephenville, Texas, on "The Kelly File" tonight about the drama-filled three hours of closing arguments.

"I was in the courtroom for closing arguments, and I had a chance to not only listen but of course sit and observe everyone," Stegall said.

"Taya Kyle stormed out of the courtroom during the defense's go at it. She slammed the door. Everyone turned around and looked. We didn't know what was going on," Stegall reported. "It happened when a member of the defense team started saying that even Chris Kyle knew that Eddie Ray Routh was not quite right."

Stegall said the defense noted the text that Kyle sent Littlefield regarding Routh that said, "This dude is straight up nuts."

Stegall said it seemed for a second almost as if Chris Kyle was on trial, which made Taya furious.

There is no indication how long the jury of 10 women and two men will be asked to deliberate Tuesday evening.

Watch the clip above.