Eric Shawn reported the latest Tuesday morning on a new report that claims to expose a secret "parallel" nuclear program that is underway in Iran.

The Iranian opposition group, National Council of Resistance of Iran, held a news conference in Washington, D.C. to announce its bombshell findings.

The NCRI disputes Tehran's public assertions that it is not developing a nuclear weapon. The group says Iran is actually operating a clandestine facility, Lavizan-3, outside Tehran that is still enriching uranium. 

The group released the following photo that they say was smuggled out of the facility.

The NCRI said the massive door protects against radiation. They also say the site is heavily insulated to protect against the radiation being detected by the West.

It's believed the West is moving closer to an agreement on Tehran's nuclear program in advance of a self-imposed March 31 deadline.

The NCRI called on the United States and other world powers to demand that Tehran allow U.N. inspectors into this facility as part of any agreement.

Iran has long denied that it is pursuing nuclear weapons, and has previously accused the NCRI of being a terrorist organization that fabricates evidence against the Islamic regime.

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