The suspect accused of gunning down a mother of four in Las Vegas appeared in court today for the first time. 

Police arrested Erich Nowsch, 19, last week for allegedly killing 44-year-old Tammy Meyers outside of her home. 

Shepard Smith explained today that the prosecutor in the case said that "all options are on the table, including the death penalty." 

But Nowsch's lawyers claim the case has been mischaracterized as a road rage incident and that he shot the woman in self defense. 

Fox News reported:

But lawyers and brothers Conrad and Augustus Claus didn't provide a new account of the slaying before appearing in court with their client, Erich Milton Nowsch Jr.

They said they want to review police reports and video evidence before talking about Nowsch's defense in the late Feb. 12 shooting that fatally wounded Tammy Meyers, 44, outside her home.

Nowsch didn't say a word as he stood in shackles in the courtroom and looked at media cameras pointed at him. He wasn't asked to enter a plea during his brief initial court appearance.

Justice of the Peace Conrad Hafen scheduled a March 10 preliminary hearing to determine if Nowsch should stand trial in state court.

Trace Gallagher reported on "Shepard Smith Reporting" that the victim's family knew Nowsch "very well," and that some even "described her as a mentor to the teenager." 

"Turns out when Nowsch's father committed suicide five years ago, the boy got involved with some gang members," Gallagher said. "Even took the street name, 'Baby G'. But Tammy Meyer's family say that she spent countless hours counseling the boy, even giving him food and money."

Gallagher also reported that Nowsch's friends claim the woman would "buy things" from him. He explained that Clark County district attorney Steve Wolfson addressed rumors about drugs being involved in the woman's murder case.

"There's been some speculation about drugs and drug use, but that's not the heart of the case," Wolfson stated. "The center focus of this case, is the interaction between adults that occurred on one night and that's the focus."

Watch the video above to hear more information about the case on "Shepard Smith Reporting."