Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), of the Senate Armed Services Committee, weighed in today on "Fox and Friends" about the news that President Obama is reportedly willing to negotiate with Congress for the possible use of U.S. ground forces to fight ISIS.

Graham said that it's "good news" that Obama is finally willing to send troops.

"All I can say is that listening to Gen. Jack Keane, he tells you what you need in terms of a support element," Graham stated. "He knows more about what's going on than anybody that I've met. 3000 [troops] is too many to be hostages, not enough to get the job done."

"So listen to the generals for a change, Mr. President," Graham said. "If you had embedded trainers at the battalion level with all the other support that works year-round, 10,000 [troops] and we’d have a really good chance of winning in Iraq.” 

He added that this is the move that many are hoping the president will make. 

"ISIL is our war, they are a threat to us," Graham stated. "They have us in their crosshairs, so it is in our national security interest."

Watch the video above to hear more of what Graham had to say on "Fox and Friends."