The mayor of Jerusalem shared his heroic story of stopping a knife assault Sunday by wrestling an alleged "terrorist" attacker to the ground with help from his body guard.

Mayor Nir Barkat, 55, told Neil Cavuto on "Your World" today that he was on his way to his office when he noticed something was going on near the city's center. He exited the vehicle with his body guard, when he saw "this terrorist with a knife in his hand,"  saying "'who else should he hurt?'"

Security camera footage shows an 18-year-old Palestinian man stab an Orthodox Jewish man at a pedestrian crossing. 

Barkat said that his body guard aimed his gun at the alleged attacker who then tossed the knife to the ground.

The mayor explained that he tackled the teenager to the ground and restrained him with his body guard. He also noted that he helped to treat the victim's stab wounds until an ambulance arrived. 

Cavuto asked Barkat why he sprung into action to stop the attack, instead of letting his security handle it. 

"Look the residents of Jerusalem are a part of me," Barkat said. "When you run into such a situation, the last thing you do is run away, you figure it out."   

Barkat, who formerly served as an officer in the paratrooper's brigade, added that "we didn't have to kill him to neutralize him." 

He remarked that he would do it all over again if he had to. 

Watch the video above to hear more from the mayor on "Your World."