Despite winter maintaining its icy grip over much of the United States, there have been reports of volcanic activity in western New York.

Well, kind of.

Freezing temperatures have turned a fountain at a New York state park into a beautiful, five-story-tall "ice volcano."

The "volcano," which is located in Letchworth State Park about 40 miles south of Rochester, is actually a solid cone of ice coming from a man-made, pressure-fed fountain that normally sends a stream of water 30 to 40 feet in the air.

Days of subzero temperatures have created layers of ice several feet thick, as water still spouts out of the top of the frozen formation.

Winter has traditionally been a quiet season for the park, but dozens of people are showing up daily to see the icy wonder while it lasts.

With more record low temperatures predicted over the next week, the massive ice volcano could be around for some time.

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