A University of Wisconsin-Whitewater professor offered her students extra credit for attending a rally in protest of Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget cuts to the state's university system.

English professor Beth Lueck sent a memo Wednesday to her students that read, "UWW students have organized a non-partisan rally with students, faculty and community members on the UW-Whitewater campus against Gov. Walker's proposed $300 million cut to the UW system ... You may get extra credit by joining the rally or by observing it or by protesting it."

Gabriella Morrongiello, campus correspondent for CampusReform.org, noted on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning that Lueck has unsuccessfully tried to run for Senate twice as a Democrat.

"When professors and administrators like this reward political activity that benefits one party, it's a gross abuse of their power, and it violates the university's responsibility to promote and accept all views and perspectives," Morrongiello said.

"We're going to see a lot of Republicans harassed on college campuses as the presidential campaign cycle heats up," Morrongiello said, adding that professors like Lueck need to be held accountable, in order to promote true diversity on college campuses.

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