It might be an ice-cold winter, but here's a story that's sure to melt your heart.

A Wisconsin dad spent more than 50 hours sculpting an enormous, 22-foot-tall snowman for his daughter.

Paul Dahms explained that his 12-year-old daughter, Lainey, is a huge fan of the Disney film "Frozen," particularly the loveable character Olaf.

"Lainey wanted a snowman, so I said I’d build her one," Dahms said. "With the whole Olaf kick this year, I tried to shape it or get it as close to Olaf as I could."

Dahms revealed that he started building Olaf in December, using several tools, plywood, two-by-fours and a five-gallon bucket and adding more after each snowfall.

He finished his massive masterpiece on Friday, and so far he's gotten enthusiastic feedback from neighbors, passersby and, most importantly, his daughter.

Watch the heartwarming clip above.