Can you sue yourself?

A court in Utah says Barbara Bagley can be the plaintiff and defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The 48-year-old woman was the driver in the wreck that killed her husband and is the representative for his estate. Bagley was behind the wheel when her Range Rover hit tumbleweed, lost control, and flipped. Her husband was ejected from the vehicle and died two weeks later from his injuries.

Bagley is suing for an unspecified amount of monetary damages, including medical and funeral expenses, loss of past and future financial support, physical pain that her husband suffered, and a loss of his love and companionship.

Former federal prosecutor Fred Tecce explained that Bagley’s husband’s estate is a legal entity, and the estate has a right to sue the person who caused his death.

Defense attorney Arthur Aidala added that she’s not playing the role of herself; she’s playing the role of her husband, who is no longer here to represent himself.

“It’s ridiculous,” Aidala said. “This is the kind of case that makes lawyers look bad, that makes the whole legal system look bad.”

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