President Obama elevated State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki to the position of White House communications director.

As Greta Van Susteren pointed out, Psaki has a lot of experience trying to defend some of the most controversial statements made by the administration in recent years.

Like when the president said that the terror attack on a Kosher deli in Paris was "random."

Charles Krauthammer pointed out on "On the Record" that the spokespersons in this administration have a very difficult task in trying to explain some of the president's policies.

"I'm not sure that Noah Webster himself would have been able to explain the president's idea that you go into a Kosher grocery store on a Friday afternoon and your targets are random," he said, adding that Psaki and Josh Earnest often come off looking "silly" with their explanations.

"It's not really their fault. They're trying to defend a president who is dancing around the idea that there's anti-Semitism here and that there's a targeting of Christians as well. ... We actually have a movement that is radical Islamists and we have a president that refuses to say it."

Krauthammer then laid out his suggestion for what the Republicans in Congress should do in the brewing battle over DHS funding. He said that the GOP should "abolish the filibuster." 

Watch his remarks above and read his latest column in The Washington Post.