Charles Krauthammer tonight sounded off on the news that the Obama administration sent about 800,000 customers faulty tax forms.

The administration is now asking the affected Americans to hold off on filing their taxes.

Officials also announced a health care sign-up extension for the uninsured. Americans can now sign up for subsidized coverage from March 15-April 30.

Krauthammer said that the administration has unilaterally created a new enrollment period, contrary to what’s written in the law. He remarked that he has lost count of the number of times that the administration “unlawfully” revised its own law.

Krauthammer called the new enrollment extension “of extremely dubious legality.”

He also charged Obama with pretending that the Affordable Care Act was a way to extend insurance, but he said that there were limited ways he could have done that. This, Krauthammer said, is what happens when you overhaul an entire system.

“You don’t remake American medicine,” he said.

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