A CENTCOM official has revealed that the Iraqi military hopes to start operations as early as April or May to retake Mosul from ISIS.

The official said that the military wants to retake the country's second largest city before Ramadan begins in June.

National security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported this morning that no tactical details were revealed on the background conference call. Officials told her that there was nothing unusual about the information coming out. 

Officials said projections about a timeline and force levels were revealed prior to the invasion of Iraq.

But Griffin described longtime operators as "baffled" about why ISIS has now been given this heads up.

ISIS took control of Mosul in June 2014. Watch Griffin's report above. 

Also on "America's Newsroom," Fox News military analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) gave us his reaction, saying it's "mystifying" that this information is now out there. 

He argued that based on the accounts of two of President Obama's former defense secretaries, it's well known that the White House "micro-manages" the military. 

Keane said it's hard to fathom that the White House did not direct the Pentagon to put this information out.

He pointed to Sun Tzu's words in the "The Art of War" in which he said that in war, you should try to break the will of your opponent. He doubts, however, that such a strategy will succeed in this case.

"If you can do that without fighting them, that is what should initially try to do. So psychologically there's some benefit here. But listen, we're dealing with ISIS. We fought these guys as al Qaeda in Iraq for a number of years and we've been fighting them here through our proxies. ISIS is resolute. They're gonna fight and they're willing to die. So I don't believe our flagging an upcoming attack would break their will. They're looking forward to the fight," said Keane.

Keane, however, said ISIS is "not stupid" and knows that the centerpiece of any counter-offensive is going to be Mosul. He said they've probably been preparing by planting booby traps and IEDs. 

Watch his analysis below.