The search for an escaped Idaho inmate is over after a former Marine shot the suspect in the leg.

Authorities say 48-year-old Roy Bieluch broke out of Shoshone County Jail Tuesday night by wriggling through a ceiling crawl space and into a utility closet. He then burst out, scaring an employee and fleeing the building.

An unnamed Marine saw Bieluch hiding in his yard Thursday, and he fired at Bieluch when the escaped inmate approached him.

Bieluch was taken to the hospital after authorities arrived.

He was originally being held in jail on theft and burglary charges.

Watch the "Happening Now" report above. Read the full press release below:

On today’s date, at approximately 538pm a homeowner on placer creek South of Wallace went to check on his barking dog. The homeowner confronted Roy Bieluch on his property and called 911 for deputies. The homeowner ordered him to stay where he was, but apparently Bieluch approached the homeowner who then fired multiple handgun rounds at him, striking him at least once in the leg. Bieluch was being transported by Ambulance and deputies to the Shoshone Medical Center in Kellogg. Further information to follow.