There was a dramatic rescue in Massachusetts this week when two dogs ran into an icy marsh in Revere.

Authorities say the two dogs got stranded on a floating chunk of ice. Their owner tried to save his four-legged friends, but got stuck instead.

Rescuers coaxed the dogs onto sleds and got them out of the water safely.

Their owner was taken to the hospital for hypothermia.

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Wendy Sheridan, wife of the victim and owner of the dogs said, "Apparently the dogs had gone out into the yard but the snow banks are so high they actually walked over into the marsh. My husband had gone out there to try to retrieve them and ended up getting stuck himself."


"They did an amazing job rescuing our pets who are family members to us, and are forever thankful to the Revere Fire Department, cannot express how thankful we are," Sheridan said.

Watch the video above. See more photos from the rescue below.