Gretchen Carlson debuted a fun new segment on "The Real Story" this afternoon, called "My Friends at Fox." 

It will feature Fox News and Fox Business hosts stopping by the show to discuss the day's news and reveal some things you may not have known about them. 

So today we got the back story on the photo above of Gretchen and Bill, circa the late 90s. 

"The parties you threw back in the day..." Hemmer joked.

The picture was taken during the time when both worked at WCPO in Cincinnati in the early days of their careers.

"Bill and I both shared the same dream: to work hard and see where we ended up. And as fate would have it we both ended up here, at the Fox News Channel. Just a few months after each other, almost 10 years ago already. I remember getting a call from Hemmer in Times Square. I was already here and he said he was coming," she recalled.

"Who would have ever thought we'd both be at the same place just four offices down from each other?"

Watch Hemmer's take on President Obama's speech today on extremism in the clip above and stay tuned for more "My Friends at Fox" on The Real Story, weekdays at 2p ET.