“We’re coming for you.”

That was just part of a chilling message that the wife of an active military officer received from an online account claiming to be ISIS.

Angela Ricketts said that she received the message on the same day that three or four other military spouse bloggers got similar ones. She said the threat was deleted within minutes of receipt, but she was able to screenshot it before it disappeared.

It said, in part, “While your president and your husband are killing our brothers in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, we’re coming for you. You think you’re safe but the IS is already here.”

The message claimed to know everything about her and her family, and it warned, “We’re much closer than you can even imagine.”

Ricketts said that this threat is an example of the complex issues facing our military.

“Military families are prepared to deal with violence that’s directed towards our soldiers, but having it directed toward us is just, it’s complete new ground," she said.

Despite the threat, Ricketts stressed that America’s focus must stay on taking care of our veterans.

Watch the interview above, and take a look at the message below.