Mark Levin was on “Hannity” tonight, where he said that Rudy Giuliani was “exactly right” when he said that President Obama does not love America.

“When somebody says they want to fundamentally transform America, well then, you must not love America,” Levin said.

Levin slammed the president as “a patsy for Islamic terrorism the way Chamberlain was a patsy for the Third Reich.” He called him the most preposterous and absurd president perhaps in American history.

“I think Obama is a religious and historical illiterate,” Levin said. “I think he really does have contempt for this country, he has contempt for our military, he’s demonstrated that, and Rudy’s exactly right.”

Levin read an excerpt from Anne Frank’s diary, where she wrote that she hardly cared whether she lived or died.

“Mr. President there are tens of thousands of Anne Franks right now being brutalized. Why don’t you do something about it? Why don’t you, why don’t you demonstrate that you’re a leader? You’re the commander-in-chief, and let’s take care of business,” Levin said.

Watch his full comments above.