Lawmakers in 10 states are pushing for the right to carry guns on college campuses. Currently, 41 states prohibit carrying concealed weapons by law or university policy. 

Jenna Lee reported on "Happening Now" that some lawmakers argue that allowing guns would help women protect themselves from sexual assault.

She added that other supporters claim that it would "help avoid a tragedy like the one at Virginia Tech, by arming students."  

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a strong supporter of the right to bear arms, explained that the Supreme Court's most recent opinions on the matter state that "it's a fundamental personal right."

"We're not talking about children, we're talking about people...who are over the age of 18," Napolitano said. "So as constitutional legal matter, we start with the premise that students have the right to carry guns because they are adults. And we start with the premise that where there are more guns, there is less crime..."

He said that this change is depending on where the college is located and who owns it. 

"Let's take Princeton University for example, it's a private university and it can control whether or not you can carry guns on its property," Napolitano explained. "Let's take Rutgers University for example, it's owned by the state. It can't control how you exercise your fundamental liberties on its property. That's the difference. Who owns the dirt, who owns the real estate."

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