A “Special Report” panel tonight sounded off on plans to retake Mosul from ISIS this spring.

A CENTCOM official revealed that the Iraqi military hopes to start operations as early as April or May. The official said that the military wants to retake Mosul before Ramadan begins in June.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said it seems absurd, unheard of, preposterous and almost a violation of law to announce when an attack will take place.

“I can’t even think of why they would do it unless they want to still criticism of the president by saying, ‘Here’s the plans that he’s going to help carry out.’ It’s almost ridiculous,” Napolitano said.

NPR’s Mara Liasson said she hopes CENTCOM has a good reason for doing this, but said it’s a positive sign that officials believe the Iraqi military will be ready by April or May.

“Well, you do forfeit the element of surprise,” Krauthammer noted.

The panel also weighed in on a Fox News poll, which found that 62 percent of respondents believe ground troops will be needed to defeat ISIS.

Liasson said that the American people understand that U.S. boots will be needed on the ground.

“I agree fully with Mara, but I don’t think it’s going to happen under this president. It is just not in his constitutional makeup in the last 23 months of his presidency to do something as profound as to put boots on the ground,” Napolitano said.

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