A high school student in Utah said she was turned away from a Valentine’s Day "couples only" dance, because she didn't have a date, sparking some discussion today on "Outnumbered." 

Josee Stetich, an 18-year-old senior at Bountiful High School, showed up to the "Sweethearts Dance" with two of her female friends.

Stetich was trying to purchase a ticket for just herself at the door, but was told she couldn't attend the dance. 

"They said 'no you can't come in because you don't have a date,'" Stetich said. "I've gone to this school for three years and I never even knew about that rule."

KUTV reported:

Bountiful High School Principal Greg Wilkey confirmed that the dance was “couples-only,” but said that Assistant Principal Sue Baylis told him that the teens had left "voluntarily" and without incident after receiving a refund.

“It was a very nice and uneventful dance last night. Sue said none of the girls were upset or protested. They knew it was couples only, but they were hoping for a ‘pass,'" Wilkey said in the statement forwarded by Davis School District Spokesman Chris Williams on Sunday. "When they asked for a refund and left, Sue assumed they were good to go. Again, no protests from any students or parents."

The girls decided to leave and go to a local chocolate factory, where Stetich said it turned out to be a "great night" anyway.

Kirsten Powers reacted by saying that Stetich's story is outrageous.

"This is so crazy and very upsetting as a single person," Powers stated. "This is just so mean. Right? I don't even understand why they would do this, how is she going to disrupt their [dance]. And what is even this idea that it has to be a couples thing?"

Andrea Tantaros added that "high school is mean enough, that they don't need to have a couples only dance."

"Why didn't they have a singles dance to balance it out?" Tantaros asked.

Judge Alex Ferrer added that he would be furious if that happened to his daughter. 

Watch the discussion above from "Outnumbered" and let us know what you think of the high school's policy.