Megyn Kelly tonight took on Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) over remarks he made on MSNBC following a judge’s decision to temporarily block President Barack Obama’s action on immigration.

Gutierrez said on MSNBC that the “militancy that will be activated throughout the immigrant community in terms of voter registration, voter participation and voter anger at the Republican Party… I think you are going to see it in an unprecedented manner.”

Gutierrez also said the decision speaks volumes on how mean and xenophobic people can be.

“You seem to be speaking about Republicans as mean and xenophobic,” Megyn Kelly remarked, asking him what he is basing that on.

Kelly said that the judge in this case didn’t think Obama had the authority to act in such a way, and added that Obama himself said he didn’t have such authority for six years.

“Is [Obama] also mean and xenophobic?” Kelly asked.

Gutierrez said that he disagreed with Obama when the president said he didn’t have that authority.

Kelly pressed, “Why don’t you just answer the question, sir […] you’re dodging!”

Watch the segment above.