Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry called a federal judge’s ruling on immigration action a victory for the rule of law.

A federal judge has temporarily blocked President Barack Obama’s executive action on illegal immigration, giving a 26-state coalition – led by Texas – time to pursue a lawsuit permanently blocking such action.

Perry said that 26 states are standing up for the rule of law in this country and that “you can’t have presidents just willy-nilly going around and using their executive fiat whenever they feel it’s in their best interests.”

The former governor and possible 2016 contender said that the American people won’t trust the government on immigration until the border is secure. He charged Obama’s policies with driving illegal immigration along the border.

Perry said that Congress shares the blame with Obama in failing to secure the border. He noted a 74-percent reduction in apprehensions after surging the National Guard and local law enforcement to a 150-mile region of the Texas border.

“We know how to do that, we’ll be happy to show not only this president but this Congress,” he said.

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