In the more than two years since the Benghazi attack, chaos has engulfed Libya and now ISIS is taking advantage. 

Over the weekend, ISIS released a video showing 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians being beheaded on a beach in Libya.

There are new warnings now that ISIS is planning to infiltrate Europe by way of Libya, possibly mixing in among the migrants who reach Italy illegally by boat.

The Daily Telegraph, citing a British anti-terror group that claims to have seen letters written by the group's supporters, said that ISIS hopes to use militiamen from its current strongholds in Syria and Iraq to overrun Libya before embarking on a campaign targeting both Europe's mainland as well as maritime shipping.

In 2014, more than 170,000 people arrived in Italy by boat, with many fleeing the civil war in Syria. In the latest beheading video, ISIS vowed to "conquer Rome."

On "Fox and Friends" this morning Steve Doocy discussed the growing chaos in Libya with Kris "Tanto" Paronto, a former CIA security operative who survived the Benghazi attack. 

Paronto says he remembers seeing al Qaeda flags in Benghazi before the attack and watching the group trying to drum up support.

He recalled that the CIA and State Department knew the location of terror organization Ansar al-Shariah's camps before the attack happened. 

"We've actually let this get to this point. We could have went in in 2012 and probably at least limited their capabilities. So this is our fault more than anything," said Paronto, adding he is "surprised" that the situation has gotten this bad.

Paronto said airstrikes alone don't work and when the U.S. leaves Middle Eastern countries, terrorists take over.

"We're gonna see it now in Sana'a, Yemen, which I worked in after Benghazi as well. As much as we continue to pull out of these countries, we're letting terrorists flourish and we're giving them areas to train and recruit," he said, warning that ISIS is not going to stop its advance. 

Officials are also concerned about ISIS using weapons left over from the Gaddafi regime.

Paronto then reacted to the new reports of ISIS's plans to get to Europe through Libya.

"Their whole intention is to wipe out western society and anybody that doesn't adhere to Sharia law. It's going to come and end up on our shores. It's coming. People need to realize that and not think that we're immune from attacks on our shores. I don't know how else to reiterate it," said Paronto. 

Watch the full interview above.